Live Band

Tuesday August 18 at 9:45 pm

The Italian melody, the sometimes “jazzy”, “soul” or “world-music” sound with a Mediterranean flavor, the tight groove of the New York “jungle” or the dreamlike openings of the ballads; these are the main ingredients of this project, sung in three languages, in a sort of Esperanto of music, which collects fascinations elsewhere and recomposes the cultural disconnections of a career full of experiences, travels, encounters in a single sound that is sometimes powerful and full of drives , sometimes dreamy and open.
The highly valuable staff, whose experience is rooted in the roots of jazz, infuses the project with part of the sound matured in the infinite experiences outside the jazz of each of its members.
Nica is a complete artist, a deep and mature voice who, in her very original interpretations, brings to life and definitively merges melody and text, an excellent hybrid between an interpreter and a vocalist who has measured herself against composite audiences throughout Europe.
In the hybridization of pop, soul and jazz lies the center of interest of this unique voice and the sound of the band.
On this occasion, he will produce a concert, consisting of the original songs that are the subject of the recording project, of jazz & soul standards dear to the public of fans and of international melodies from every era.
Have fun!

DIEGO BOROTTI : Conducting, Saxophones
ALESSIO & ANDREA SENIS : Sound Engineers

Cena – Dinner @ 8:30pm
Menù à la carte

Solo su prenotazione
Upon reservation only

Live Music Concert @ 9:45 pm
Concert + Drink
25 €

Stabilimento Balneare Balzi Rossi di Vera Kovacs – Piazzale De Gasperi, 7 – Frazione Grimaldi Inferiore – 18039 – Ventimiglia – Italia
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